Thursday, February 22, 2018

Cicci Colouring a Kiwi

Hi Everyone.
Cicci here today posting a tutorial for you. Last Month I coloured a strawberry and I continue with the fruit theme this time.
I hope you will try this,
 I had a lot of fun when I did this Kiwi.

I have used these Copic Markers;

          Kiwi: YG01 YG000  03 G09 E55
E81 87 E84 
Leaves: YG99 97 93 G07 YG03
Background: Varouis Ink
R81 Y00 02 B000

Step 1 
I Start to draw some kiwi and leaves with a pencil
I do a circle in the middle, like the photo in the middle
of the kiwi with E81
You can hardly see the E81 here at this step
but we are going to add more colours there later

Step 2
Start to add YG01
then YG03 on the area with YG01
in the kiwi.
 Start to do the lines 
from the circle to the outer edge of the Kiwi

Step 3
 Add YG03 in the middle of the kiwi as a form of little drops or seed

Step 4
Blend out with YG0000
I also did a circle with the G09, around the whole kiwi
 I'm going to blend out G07 in the next step

Step 5
Blend out the G07 With YG03 

Step 6
 Add YG03 in the middle just small strokes, like a drop
add little E55 in the circle, I did it with E81

 Step 7 
 Do some small strokes in the middle with the G07

Step 8
 Make some half circles in the kiwi with YG03 (Not too much) 
Blend out with YG01 and YG0000
I have also added E87 in the circle on the E81
Blend out E87 with E81

Step 9
Here I added E87 around the whole kiwi on the area
 that I have coloured with G07
Blend with YG03 and YG01

 Step 10
Make some seed with E87 in the middle

 Step 11
Make some seeds in the middle with E87 and then I'm going to 
make some highlights with a with Sakura Gel Pen

At last I blend carefully with YG000 YG01 
I don't want to
 blend out any of the seed I did with E87


I have used Various Ink for the background
R81 Y00 02 B000
and it looks like this

Good luck with  your kiwi and hope to see you next month
HUGS from us at Copic Europe


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Stuffie Gang

Hi everyone, it's Sandie here and today I am sharing how I colour The Stuffie Gang using my Copic markers. This cute stamp is by Stamping Bella. 

My favourite blending card to use is Holtz Perfect Colouring Paper. I stamp, always when using Copics, with Memento ink. 

Starting with the Bear





I go back over the Bear using my E70's until I am happy with the shading. 

For the nose C9, leaving a little white spot for highlight. 

For the ears - R20 and R01

Next I coloured the Pig. I went dark to light on this one



YR00 to bring it all together. 

For the Owl


I go back in with E41 to blend it out. Use the darker colour to add shadow as desired. 

E25, E27

YR12, YR18

For the grass - 





C3 and C5 for the little pebbles. 

Hat - B02, B05, V12, V15, BV20

For the Flag  - BV20 and C5

I went dark to light on the balloon too. I like how these blend in this way



Pop the image on a card base with some striped paper and you're done! :) 

Thanks for popping in today. I hope you're inspired to take out your markers and colour a little. 

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Queen of Hearts

Hello everyone! It's Delphine here! Today I have chosen to share a Copic card using a beautiful digi stamp called Queen of Hearts, by Paperbabe Stamps. I used the faint line version of the digi which comes with the regular digi with black lines, to have a softer look and nicer contrast with the eyes - very convenient!

I coloured the skin first, using E000, 00, 11 and RV02 for the cheeks and lips. 

I then coloured the background quickly using RV00. As you can see, I have drawn a square around my image - I did that with the die I knew I was going to use, to know where to stop colouring. 

I then coloured her hair with E19, YR27 and YR23 - a combo I don't often use but quite like! I also coloured her eyes in V12 and RV02, as a reminder of the background and pink on her face.

Next I did the crown. The red is R35, 37, 39, the gold is Y26 and the black is C9.

I then decided to add a bit of texture to my background, so I picked a Paperbabe Dot Stencil and applied brown ink using a dauber on my stencil. I then cut my image to fit the size of my die.

At last, I added the frame (MFT die) plus three Make it Crafty Heart Chipboard that I coloured in R37, then covered in stickles. To have matching hearts everywhere, I also added stickles on the heart of the crown.

Here is a recap of all the Copics I used:
Skin: E000, 00, 11, RV02
Eyes: RV02, V12
Hair: E19, YR23, 27
Crown: C9, R35, 37, 39, Y26
Background: RV00

That's all from me today! Thank you for looking, have a nice Sunday! Hugs,
Delphine xx

Monday, February 12, 2018

Sunflower Tutorial

Good Morning! I'm Cristina Valenzuela, and this month I come with a flower not exactly from this time, but it's a beautiful flower, and one of my favourites, a sunflower.

I'm going to do a simple step by step with the colour process.

I start with Y11 to decide and to leave marked the highest parts, of more light, of each one of the petals of the big sunflower, and the small one.

To have volume the lightest part will be in the center of the petals, towards the outside.

With Y19, a pretty intense colour, I coloured the interiors of the petals and the exteriors to give them volume, to give the effect of curves.

 I add a darker colour, YR24 to the interiors of the petals.

And I obscure these more by laying down E17.

Everything that is around the center of the flower has this colour, but the petals that are above have a lighter colour on both sides of each.

Now I blend the Y19 from before with a bit of Y18, they are similar, you can change to a similar one, Y17, Y15 or use the one before.

I colour the center of the sunflower, it has a base with a very light greenish yellow, YG00.

If you do not have it, something that looks like it.

I add a greener tone to add dots, YG13.

 I continue adding dots with E47, a dark colour, especially for the outermost part.

I use E37 which is clearer towards the center.

One clearer, E34, also dotted, covering more center.

Very dark, E49, you can use any brown, add more outside.

I use E34 again to cover and unify tones.

 To colour the leaves I made it very simple, dark green, in my case G28, I have coloured the centers of the leaves, the stems and the parts that are below or need to have more shade.

I have blended it by using a much lighter green, G21, I have covered everything except the high and outer parts of the leaves.

An almost colourless green, G20 for the exterior of the leaves.

And sunflower finished!!!

Copic colours that I have used:

Sunflower: Y11, Y19, YR24, E17, Y18, YG00, YG13, E47, E37, E34, E49.
Leaves etc: G20, G21, G28.
Background: B000, BG0000, Blender 0.

I hope you put it into practice and you liked it, see you again soon ...

Thanks for your visits and comments!!!